Welcome to our Holiday menus and promotions! Please take a look at some of the food options and venue accommodations we offer to help make your Christmastime as comfortable as we can with our Christmas Dinner menu, Holiday group dinner menu, festive dessert menu, and corporate holiday options.


Christmas Dinner 

Heat & Serve Menu

Take some time to relax and enjoy dinner with your family. We'll take care of the cooking. This dinner option is sure to cover all your mealtime bases (except dessert) so you can focus on taking it easy this year.




Holiday Dinner



Party At Our Place



If you're looking to get out with family or friends for a snowy soirée this season, give us a call and book a time to get together for a filling 3-course dinner at our downtown location. Whether your favorite part be dinner or drinks, or just the company of your close ones, we've got a table ready for you.



Christmas Dessert Menu



Tasty Festive Treats



The perfect way to end your holiday dinner is with a perfect holiday dessert. From a selection of pies, cupcakes, platters, and of course, cookies, we've got the cherry on the proverbial cake.




Corporate Holiday Party



Hosted At Thyme Kitchen



Looking to treat your workplace to Christmas dinner together? We can accommodate! Book our Ouellette location for an evening to enjoy a 3-course dinner with flexible menu options. Sure to show appreciation for the hard work put in this year.