Welcome to our Holiday menus and promotions! Please take a look at some of the food options we offer to help make your Christmastime as comfortable as we can, sure to cover every facet of dinner with the family.

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~ Holiday Dinner

Take some time to relax and enjoy dinner with your family. We'll take care of the cooking. This dinner option is sure to cover all your mealtime bases (except dessert) so you can focus on taking it easy this year. 

Vegan Dinner ~

Just because you can't have turkey doesn't mean you can't have something just as delicious and filling. Enjoy this alternative menu option, capped off with a dessert to delight.

~ Holiday Dessert

The perfect way to end your holiday dinner is with a perfect holiday dessert. From a selection of pies, cupcakes, platters, and of course, cookies, we've got the cherry on the proverbial Christmas cake.