Welcome To Thyme To-Go

Whether you are hosting an important event and need exquisite catering, just want a quick meal or snack, or are tired of cooking every night, Thyme To-Go can help. With a wide variety of catering options, in-store prepared meals, and our famous meal plans, let us do the cooking and baking for you. Food is our passion, and we believe in using seasonal local ingredients whenever possible.

To-Go Foods

Come in and select any of our delicious prepared foods made fresh and ready to enjoy. With everything from fresh baked goods, fresh & frozen soups, salads and entrees, we have a wide variety to satisfy

any palate.  Wherever possible, our foods are made with local seasonal ingredients and the menu changes often to offer a wide selection.

Fresh in the Fridge Foods

  • We have a variety of individually packaged items that are ready for you to pick up and enjoy.  These items include, soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, healthy desserts, and more.   The menu changes daily to utilize as many seasonal local ingredients as possible.

Frozen FoodFrozen Foods

The Thyme To-Go freezer has become a popular spot in our store. In addition to our popular ready to bake hors d’oeuvres, we offer: Frozen Turkey Pot Pies, Breads, Traditional & Vegan dinner options, a great variety of Soups, Stews & Chilies and of course our Green Juice.

Fresh Baked Goods

  • There is nothing better than bread straight from the oven, except maybe freshly baked cookies, and we have lots of both.  Fresh scones, muffins, cookies, breads, and pastries are baked throughout the day.

 Retail To-Go

  • We have a variety of gourmet retail products from local companies, most of them being from right here in Windsor-Essex County.  Our products range from sauces, flour, grains, chocolates, cookbooks, and culinary tools.  We also have a wide selection of creative and delicious dry goods that are made in house.

Gift Basket

We offer unique gift baskets suited to any client. Trendy Baking Basket or Modern Martini Baskets make the perfect gift or come in and talk to us about customizing your own basket.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Thyme To-Go

  1. Hello! Your menus look delightful! I’m just wondering if you could tell me, what would the cost be to purchase a couple of dozen plain scones? This wouldn’t be for a few months but I’m just figuring out where I can plan on getting these from? It’s for a tea party themed bridal shower.

  2. I’m interested in your services. Would you buy groceries for a family and cook meals at a residence? I’m looking for someone to cook heathy organic meals for a family of 2 adults and possibly 2 children. They are in the kingsville area. Would love to chat.

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