You have all asked, a lot, so next Saturday July 8th we are bringing back our famous Date Nights Packages but only for one day, sorry. This is a one time only Menu that is offered for pick up and will never be served again. All dishes come ready to serve or ready to be popped in the oven with heating instructions. That means a feast of different flavors with non of the mess.

The inspiration of this Menu :
After a trip to the Austin, San Antonio & Huston this past winter, like most I'm sure, I immediately returned home and bought a smoker. Visiting the best BBQ places in Texas (yes even waiting 5 hours in line for Franklins) gave me such inspiration. Not only the meat but all the sides and creativity that comes from each different BBQ place. The flavors that were the most intriguing by far were the unapologetic fusion of BBQ and Mexican cuisine. And so this menu was born.